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Graduation Requirements

LAUSD and Marlton School believe that students need to have a well-rounded experience in high school, which includes academic, life skills and service experiences. That is why, out of the current total of 230 credits you need to graduate from high school, only 160 of them come from core course requirements (marked by a (C) in the table below). The remaining 70 credits come from electives (courses you choose according to your own interests). In addition, LAUSD is adding requirements to promote well-roundedness in their students.

The total amount of credits will be lowered to 210. Students must also pass the minimum A-G 15-course sequence with a C or higher. This is in order to help students become eligible for UC and CSU entry. If a student earns a grade lower than a C, he/she must either repeat the course and earn a C grade or better, or validate the course by earning a C in a more advanced course.

By utilizing the supports of our secondary counselor, DOTS, DOR and PCCP students will be more than ready to meet A-G requirements therefore being eligible to apply for college or choose a career pathway. We also encourage parents/guardians to stay informed and up to date with their son/daughter's coursework.

LAUSD graduation requirements can be viewed below.

Graduation Requirements